About Us

alfa e-Solutions was established to provide superior medical transcription service in various branches of medicine.

We at alfa e-Solutions, try to follow the best procedures and practices existing in the industry. We follow them with utmost care so that sensitive and secure information about health records and patient information will not be leaked or disclosed in any manner. We strictly follow the HIPAA Act of 1996 and we are against the unauthorized disclosure of medical or health records over the electronic data transactions.

We provide the best and top quality health care transcription services and solutions to our customers.  We strive for setting a benchmark in the industry for speedy deliverables along with ensuring the quality simultaneously.  Our ethical practices in the business process and transparency in all matters are the key points in our successful business as well as healthy relationships with our clients.

We provide different kind of software for managing the transcriptions and services. We offer web based transcriptions services also at best possible cheaper prices. Doctors and administrators can securely have the access of the medical records for the purposes of editing, printing or for emailing to the patients etc.  We are offering the environments that are having flexibility as well as ease of use and with highly secured methodology for accessing the content.

Our best and skilled technical personnel are recruited after having passed through many filtration levels existing in the recruitment process thereby ensuring that company’s main working force consists of top class nature with great expertise in their respective domains.

We believe in customer satisfaction for our company’s growth and move ahead in that direction for getting good client base. Sometimes we can compromise on the profit over any good customer collaboration.

We also satisfy our work force with all major amenities that we can provide, right from refreshing cafeteria to recreational activities and other benefits to the team.  We believe in rewarding the talented personnel for further motivating them in performing their duties.