Medical Coding

Accounts Receivable Services​

Alfa’s Accounts Receivable Service saves Healthcare service providers valuable practice time and resources and focus on building core competencies.

Many healthcare providers have tried managing accounts receivables, in the process ended up mismanaging the whole thing, resulting in reduced cash flow and increased collection cost and negligence. Our account receivable service improves cash flow, reduces account receivables, increases collection ratios, and enhances customer relationships with timely Accounts Receivable Follow-Up Service.. Our professional approach and timely follow-up has increased the revenue to many healthcare providers. Call center executives meticulously follow patient records, analyze them, take up with the insurance companies, address and rectify the problem.

Assessment Process

Receivable Analysis, Payer Follow-up, Denials Management, Reporting, Practice Analysis
Daily Insurance aging report is run and claims are analyzed. The analysis is done to identify:

  • Unpaid Claims
  • Low Paid Claims
  • Denied Claims
  • Rejected Claims
  • Claims not on file

Analysis Process

Our competent and knowledgeable professionals review each claim in each payer type to ensure proper reimbursement to the healthcare provider. After the Claims are analyzed, steps are initiated to streamline cash-flow based on the following:

  • Claims needing resubmission are checked for all necessary documents like Medical records, Referral, Authorization etc. and resubmitted.
  • Claims that need to be appealed for low payment, timely filing etc.
  • Separation of Denials.
  • Issue of instructions to the callers for follow-up to get the status.

We at alfa e-Solutions, try to follow the best procedures and practices existing in the industry. We follow them with utmost care so that sensitive and secure information about health records and patient information will not be leaked or disclosed in any manner.